Why Having Your Own Garden Bar Can End Up Saving You Money

A garden bar is exactly what it sounds like, your very own dedicated socialising space, in the comfort of your own home! If you’re someone that loves to host and organise meetups with your friends and family, a garden bar could be what you need to enhance your hosting and take your gatherings to the next level. 

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Having a garden bar installed comes with many benefits to be enjoyed, from  being the go-to spot for your friends and family, to having a dedicated space for socialising away from your living spaces, but there is one benefit that we will be talking about in detail. And that is that having a garden bar is a great way to save money! Here’s how:

No need to leave your home 

Fancy an evening cocktail with your friends but don’t want the hassle of going all the way to a bar? A garden bar in the premise of your own home is the perfect solution. Away from your house but just a minute walk through your garden, a garden bar can save you money as there’s no need to leave your property. You can avoid the costs of things like entrance fees, taxis, and overpriced beverages.

Save on drinks 

Purchasing drinks in a commercial establishment can be very expensive! And that's because you’re paying for the environment too. However, with a garden bar you can set up your space to be as you want, whilst saving on expensive drinks. You get to play your own music, design your own space, and invite exclusively your friends and family, giving you a personalised bar experience where you save money in the process. 

Control over your spending  

When you have your own garden bar, you have a lot of control on how much you spend on drinks and entertainment. If you set a budget for bar supplies, and you stick to it, you can end up saving a lot of money that you would’ve spent going out anyway. This allows you to enjoy spending time with friends and family, with the added convenience of staying on your own property and saving money. 

Avoid impulse spending 

Impulse purchases such as buying an additional round of drinks can all be avoided when you party in your garden bar. You won’t be tempted to buy more than you really need, as you’ll already have your supplies in front of you. This can cut your spending down by quite a bit. 

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If you’re interested in hosting your own gatherings in the comfort of your garden, contact our team here at Garden Hideouts.