Create Your Very Own Bar At Home

Our garden rooms are the perfect option for a garden bar! When you choose our insulated SIP buildings you get to enjoy your garden bar all throughout the year - with a high-end specification to suit your needs and to create the perfect all year round building in your beautifully stocked garden bar, whether that's a recreation of your favourite whiskey joint or a Hawaiian cocktail bar! Add in windows, lighting, flooring, seating, bar space... whatever your vision demands! Who needs to go out to party when you can create your pub or bar at home?

We build the garden bars by using energy-efficient, structurally insulated panels (SIPS) for the walls, floor and roof. We make full use of these panels by using ‘mini’ SIPs in the splines between the panels to keep your building fully insulated. The lightweight and strong combination of SIPs panels makes it a quicker and easier option to use for a garden bar capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.


Our Building Method

The foundation system we use are galvanised steel pile foundations to a depth of 1200mm overwrapped with a DPC layer and then laser levelled to ensure a completely flat platform to build up from. Not only are the ground screws approximately 70% faster to install than concrete, but it allows us to build on challenging sites such as sloped or uneven grounds. Longer piles could be required for the project if the ground and soil isn’t in good condition. The unpredictable weather won’t play a factor either, as ground screw foundations can be installed all year round without the need to delay.


Building Your Dream Garden Bar

We can of course provide alternative foundations such as concrete bases or jack pads. For our team to pick out the best system for your idea, we will visit your proposed area and carry out a free site survey before providing you with the best solution.

If you have ideas on how you want your garden bar to look then feel free to contact us, and don’t worry about needing to be constantly involved in the process, we’ll take care of that for you, from the design to the delivery and installation. Then, you can enjoy the party once it’s complete!