Build Your Dream Entertainment Room

Many of our customers are looking for a home cinema, games room or simply a 'den' for the kids that can be created as a standalone, all year round building for fun and recreation. At Garden Hideouts, we provide the answer with a highly functional all-purpose room with our modular structurally insulated garden rooms. So, if you enjoy a movie marathon or want to immerse yourself in the gaming world, then having a multi-purpose entertainment room is a perfect choice.

We can create garden rooms and home cinemas to suit all specifications, whether you are looking for a cosy snug for two or a larger space for entertaining friends and family on special occasions, our rooms are there for your comfort and entertainment. Our insulated rooms are ideal for showing films and for enjoying recreational time without bothering the neighbours - or family members indoors!

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Quality Buildings

When building a home cinema/games room, our buildings are built using energy-efficient, structurally insulated panels (SIPS) for the walls, floor and roof. We also use ‘mini’ SIPs panels in the splines between the panels to ensure that your building is fully insulated and prevent ‘cold bridging’ areas. SIPs are lightweight, strong and easy to use, which allows the designers to be more versatile to really maximise the potential of your project idea. The panels offer a low U rating meaning that your building will be cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Building Your Dream Entertainment Room

For the foundation system, our buildings are built with galvanised steel pile foundations to a depth of 1200mm overwrapped with a DPC layer. These are laser levelled to ensure a completely flat platform to build up from. By using ground screw foundations, the building can be built on sites where different foundations wouldn’t be used such as on sloped or uneven grounds. Outside of normal garden conditions, longer piles may be needed at an additional cost. Ground screw foundations can be installed all year round without any concerns with rain or frost, so weather delays won’t be an issue.

We can also provide different foundations such as concrete bases or jack pads. Our team will conduct a free site survey to help determine the best system to meet your requirements.

If you’ve been wanting the ultimate home entertainment experience for you and your family, then please feel free to contact the team. A Garden Hideouts representative will guide you through everything that’s possible and how this can be tailored alongside your specific needs.

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We're passionate about helping you find your perfect space! With that said, we can help you achieve the room that suits your needs and your budget, whether traditional or modern, rustic or urban. No need to compromise with Garden Hideouts!

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