Build Your Workout Paradise

You're committed to your health and wellbeing, but you don't want to go through the trouble of getting a gym membership and travelling back and forth multiple times a week? Then, a garden gym is a perfect solution. Whether you crave a functional fitness gym, a yoga studio, a fitness suite or simply a beautiful meditation room to peacefully develop your practice in solitude, our top-quality garden gyms are a go-to.

To build a gym that’s spacious and able to be used all year round, we use energy-efficient, structurally insulated panels (SIPS) for the walls, floor and roof. We even use ‘mini’ SIPs panels for the splines between panels to fully insulate your building and to ensure there are no ‘cold bridging’ areas. SIPs panels are great for the environment, and they’re also a quicker and easier option to use onsite because of their light weight and superior strength. Your building will stay cosy in the winter and cool during the summer thanks to its low U rating.


Our Method

Our preferred method for the foundations is galvanised steel pile foundations. These have a depth of 1200mm overwrapped with a DPC layer and are then laser levelled to ensure a completely flat platform to build up from. The ground screw foundations can be used at any time of year, in any weather condition, without the worry of possibly having to delay. As well as also being environmentally friendly, ground screws are a great foundation to have for sites that are sloping or uneven (longer piles may be needed at an additional cost if the ground conditions aren’t ideal.)

We can provide alternative foundations such as concrete base or jack pads if that suits your requirements. The team will carry out a free site survey to pick the best system for you.


Quality, Durable Garden Rooms

What makes the gyms stand out from our other SIPs buildings is that we’ll also incorporate a reinforced floor so that you can drop that barbell with confidence, although we don’t encourage it! You'll get to enjoy all the luxuries that a gym can offer, but in private and with the enjoyment of your own secure space. Get fit at a time that suits you - or even train your clients from home if you are a personal trainer!

We also offer rubber flooring and wall mirrors as optional extras, so if you’re wanting to take your fitness to the next level in the comfort of your home, then please feel free to contact the Garden Hideouts team.


Check Out Our Garden Buildings

We're passionate about helping you find your perfect space! With that said, we can help you achieve the room that suits your needs and your budget, whether traditional or modern, rustic or urban. No need to compromise with Garden Hideouts!

With a range of garden rooms, annexes, pods and shepherd huts, we're positive you'll find your perfect space!