If you have older children or relatives who need extra living space without the difficulties of moving property, then that could be difficult to accommodate. That’s where Garden Hideouts come in, as we provide fantastic standalone buildings that can double up as a comfortable additional bedroom and living space for growing children and relatives. Why move or extend when you can upgrade your property with our flexible, top-quality SIP builds.

Create a spare bedroom for a teenager, a guest or even a long-term live-in relative with an en-suite and living space if your vision demands something luxurious. Whatever you need, we can accommodate it within your space.

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If you’re looking for a larger room, then the SIP builds are the ideal style. Our buildings are built using energy efficient, structurally insulated panels (SIPS) for the walls, floor and roof. ‘Mini’ SIPs panels are used for the splines between the panels to insulate your building and prevent any ‘cold bridging’ areas. SIPs panels are lightweight and strong making it a quicker, easier and versatile option to use on a project. The panels also offer a low U rating which means that your building can be cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

We use a variety of different foundation systems, but our preferred method is galvanised steel pile foundations to a depth of 1200mm overwrapped with a DPC layer and then laser levelled to ensure the build is from a completely flat platform. The ground screws are environmentally friendly and can be installed quicker than concrete at any time of the year, in any weather. Using ground screws can allow for buildings to be built on sloping or uneven sites but longer piles may be needed at an additional cost if the soil conditions aren’t ideal.


The alternative foundations we can provide include a concrete base or jack pads. The best system for you would be determined when our team carry out a free site survey.

Alternatively, we can provide a smaller pod-sized building with just as much capability as a room. Each design of a pod is intended to offer an attractive and practical space built for durability, warmth and strong against adverse weather conditions. Check out our garden pod range for that perfect extra living space.

If you’re looking for extra space but are perhaps unsure of a room or a pod, or maybe you have your vision already planned out and you’re looking to get started then please contact us.

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We're passionate about helping you find your perfect space! With that said, we can help you achieve the room that suits your needs and your budget, whether traditional or modern, rustic or urban. No need to compromise with Garden Hideouts!

With a range of garden rooms, annexes, pods and shepherd huts, we're positive you'll find your perfect space!


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