Why Garden Rooms Are The Best Place To Host Your Social Gatherings

Installing a luxury garden room at your property has a wide range of benefits for you and your household to enjoy. Whether you want a brand new designated entertaining space to host your social gatherings, or simply hang out as a family, we can bring your vision to life. 

From home cinema rooms to custom garden bars, the potential is endless when it comes to creating a room tailored specifically to your entertaining needs, all in the comfort of your own garden!

Here at Garden Hideouts, we are experts in creating, designing, building, and installing custom garden rooms that bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a bustling social hub, or a haven of entertainment for your family, a luxury garden room is the answer. 

Below are a few reasons as to why you should consider installing a garden room to enhance your social gatherings or simply escape for a little while.


Entertaining space away from your family home 

One reason why a garden entertainment room is so special is that you have a designated party/social space for your friends and family that won’t affect your main property. 

Sometimes parties and gatherings can get very loud with your favourite tunes playing and your guests’ laughter and merriment in the air. Not only that but a social gathering often naturally brings about spills and messes. With a dedicated garden room, you can host into the early hours without disturbing other members of your family or compromising the peace and cleanliness of your home living space.

Of course, you could also combat these challenges by heading out to the bars, game rooms, or cinemas but nothing gives you the same freedom and indulgence as your own private, luxury entertainment space, just a few steps away from your home! 

Cosy and private

Whether you’re organising a large gathering with multiple friends and family, or you prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings, a garden room can accommodate it all.

One of the best things about a garden entertainment room is the privacy it offers. You can enjoy entire social events in your back garden, without disturbing your neighbours or feeling looked in on. With the added benefit of being sheltered from the elements, your plans can go ahead rain or shine.

For more intimate gatherings, a garden room can be the perfect cosy place to hang out with friends. Picture the warm glow of your garden room filled with loved ones. This bespoke haven for connection allows you the perfect space to make priceless memories together.


The Perfect Atmosphere  

When it comes to hosting social gatherings, creating the right atmosphere is important. Hosting in your luxury garden room provides a wonderful ambience that cannot be replicated. With large windows displaying the natural beauty and greenery of your garden, or even a peak at the night sky, the tone is set for your social gatherings.

With our garden rooms, you can specify the size you want, from a small room area to a space large enough for large social events. You can also benefit from a range of floorplan options and even include your chosen combination of toilet, bathroom or kitchen if required. This freedom to choose allows you to create the perfect bespoke social space for you.


If you’re interested in having a luxury garden room to meet all of your socialising needs, contact our team today. We’d love to kickstart the creative process and bring your vision to life.